‘Temples will be destroyed, so stop the Mongols’: Guan Eng warns Penangites against ‘green wave’

The DAP leader, in a hard-hitting speech, paints Penang’s fate as that of ancient China being devastated by the violent Mongols.

(Malaysia Now) -DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng has raised the spectre of the destruction of Buddhist temples as well as a ban on non-Muslim lifestyles in Penang if the “green wave” arrives in the state, China Press reports.

The Chinese-language daily quoted the former Penang chief minister as saying that if the “green wave doesn’t like the temples they see, they would destroy it”.

“But as long as Penang remains the same, people can still worship the gods and Buddha,” Lim said while attending the Tian Fu Gong White Dragon King Tour event in Jelutong yesterday.

The term “green wave” is used by DAP leaders to describe Perikatan Nasional (PN) and its gains in the general election last year, alluding to the Islamist party PAS’ signature green colour.

Lim condemned those in Penang who support the “green wave” as “traitors and rebels” who will be cursed and “leave a foul stench for thousands of years”.

The former chief minister warned that Penang would be eliminated under the rule of the “green wave” and made part of Kedah.

He also compared such a scenario to the storming of the Mongols, the devastating event that took place throughout the 13th and 14th centuries, which saw the spread of the Mongol empire in China and was regarded as one of the most violent military invasions in history.

Painting Penang as the Ming Dynasty China facing the invading Manchu army, Lim said: “We are the people of Penang, not Wu Sangui.”

Wu Sangui was a general who betrayed the Ming Dynasty by letting the Manchu army conquer China.

“Don’t lead Qing (Manchu) soldiers into the border,” Lim continued, as quoted by China Press.

He further said that the “green wave” would ban liquor, gambling, shorts and unisex hairdressing salons.

“As long as Penang is still ruled by the same government, everything can remain the same, otherwise in the future, people may also have to wear clothes when taking a shower.

“The ‘green wave’ is very dangerous. If we’re not careful, the basic rights of the people will be exploited. So we should protect Penang,” the daily reported him as saying.