Green wave label meant to scare non-Malays, Muslim moderates, says KJ

(FMT) – The “green wave” term, coined by certain parties to illustrate the political rise of Perikatan Nasional, is a “dog whistle” that is being used to instil fear among non-Malays and moderate Malays, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

The former Umno Youth chief said he disagreed with the usage of the term, which carried a negative connotation – namely extremism.

“The green wave is not a description of the colour of PAS’ flag but a term that has been used to stoke fear among the non-Malays and moderate Malays about the wave of Islamic terrorism.

“In my recent visit to Singapore, the press there asked me about this green wave because they are equating it with Talibanism,” he said in the latest episode of the “Keluar Sekejap” podcast.

Yesterday, Khairy said Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s struggle to gain Malay support stems more from the community’s discontent with his administration’s lack of economic direction than the rise of an “extremist green wave”.