UMNO branch lodges police report against PAS mouthpiece for false claims

UMNO Taman Dato’ Hormat branch chief Jefrizal Mohd Jaafar has lodged a police report to open an investigation paper against the Selangor state PAS secretary, and the editor of the PAS mouthpiece.

(Focus Malaysia) – This follows the reluctance of the news portal to delete the article entitled “UMNO Taman Dato’ Hormat Disbanded, Members Join PAS” which was published on June 9 alongside an open apology within the stipulated period of 24 hours.

“After I uploaded the status whereby I kindly requested that the article entitled “UMNO Tmn Dato’ Hormat Bubar, Ahli Sertai PAS” in be deleted alongside an open apology by the news portal, its editor or any of its representatives within 24 hours, there was no action or response whatsoever from the relevant parties,” Jefrizal told UMNO Online yesterday (June 12).

“I have therefore made a police report to open an investigation paper for any act that may fall under any provision in the Penal Code and have further referred this matter to the lawyer for further action through a demand letter.”

The UMNO branch chief also pointed out that first paragraph of the article was clearly defamatory as its reported that, “A total of about 48 UMNO members from the Taman Dato’ Hormat branch in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor have confirmed their exit from the party and disbanded their branch yesterday (June 8).”

Jefrizal further highlighted that a headline uploaded by a Facebook account holder by the name HarakahDaily read: “UMNO Tmn Dato’ Hormat Disbanded, Members Join PAS”.

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