“Don’t be fooled by DAP’s false narratives,” Hadi warns non-Malays

IN what appears to be yet another round of anti-DAP-fuelled rant, PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang has called for non-Malays in the country to not be fooled by the party’s false narratives.

(Focus Malaysia) – The Marang MP also accused DAP, which was established post-Independence, of trying to replace MCA and MIC as representatives of the Chinese and Indians, adding that DAP had also aimed to disrupt the harmonious plural society which was formed without the imposition of Islam despite Islam being the religion of the federation.

“DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ agenda and the secularism the party advocates which separates religion from politics and economy are efforts to unravel what has already been well-established,” Hadi claimed in a statement published on HarakahDaily.

“Perhaps most Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are unaware of these ‘false narratives’ as they were born post-Independence.

“The goal is to portray Malays of being racist when the fact is that the race is the least racist as they had accepted the jus soli (birthright citizenship) forced upon them as a condition for independence, which saw immigrants from China and India being accepted as citizens.

“It is the influence of Islam instilled among the Malays make them accept the existence of non-Malays in their midst, which explains why Chinese and Indian families are free to run their own businesses, work in farms and practise their respective religions.”

In fact, he added that every race in Malaysia is allowed to use their own mother tongues and have their own vernacular education.

The PAS lawmaker went on to elaborate that the “Malaysian Malaysia” struggle is the remnants of an agenda by the late Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew in the early 1960s, through the Malaysian Solidarity Convention, to oppose Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, which guarantees special rights for the Malays.

“They (proponents of the concept) argued that the non-Malays who were accorded Malaysian citizenship also deserved to be given equal rights as the Malays and the Bumiputera. In other words, all races, languages, religions, and cultures are the same,” Hadi alleged.

DAP continued to champion the concept after Singapore left Malaysia in 1965, he added.

“The Malays and the Bumiputera are the true descendants and the original race of the Malay Archipelago and will therefore never accept the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept championed by DAP which will eliminate the supremacy of Islam and the ketuanan Melayu (Malay sovereignty) alongside all their privileges,” said Hadi.

“In fact, the non-Muslims should instead be thankful for being accorded the privilege to stay in this country, as most countries in the world do not accept people who do not share the same ideology as the natives to the land.”