Ibrahim Ali’s role before Anwar was sacked, according to Mahathir

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he cannot remember Ibrahim Ali acting as a middleman between him and Anwar before the sacking of his one-time protege from government in 1998, even as a clip of a speech by the outspoken politician detailing his recollection of the events continues making the rounds on social media. 

(MalaysiaNow) – What he does remember, even 25 years later, is the atmosphere of the night of the Umno Supreme Council meeting where he revealed the allegations of immorality against his deputy and gave him the opportunity to defend himself before the party leaders.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MalaysiaNow, Mahathir said Ibrahim, a former Kelantan Umno strongman, had been the first to rebuff Anwar.

Recalling the events of that night, he said Ibrahim refused to accept what he had revealed.

“He slammed the table,” he added. “He was truly angry with Anwar.

“That is what I remember. What he says about being a middleman, I do not recall. Perhaps he did.”

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