An update on the Shah Alam Stadium project follies

Selangor civil servants staunchly resisting the project

Murray Hunter

As the countdown to the dissolution of the Selangor State Assembly is continuing, as the tenure of the current Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari is coming to a close, a deep source within the Selangor government has provided an update on the Shah Alam Stadium saga.

After MRCB has been trying to dampen down talk of the project in the media through issuing letters of demand to online news portals, Muhamad Salim Fateh Din, chairman of MRCB is trying to pull cables with the Sultan on the matter, to expedite the awarding of the contract to commence the development.

Amirudin is facing a number of barriers from the Selangor bureaucracy, which is slowing down the paperwork to get the project through before the dissolution of the state assembly. Some within the bureaucracy are staunchly against the whole proposal, and are throwing spanners in the works. According to the source, the Selangor State Secretary and the Selangor Land Office are sitting on the necessary paperwork to allow the project to proceed. Officers within MBI are delaying the issuing of the letter of contract. The foot-dragging is infuriating Amirudin, on their search for a suitable land swap for the project.

Proposals of land on Carey Island are unsuitable for MRCB, which wants choice land adjacent to Klang Valley. The land swap is the linchpin of the project for the company approved to redevelop the land. Amirudin is racing against time to satisfy the developer of the Shah Alam Stadium site. There are already criticisms about how the whole redevelopment project circumvented the tender. If the project deal is not signed and sealed before the new parliament is formed, there is risk under a new administration, the whole project may not eventuate.

The civil servants who believe the whole project is not in the best interests of Selangor citizens know this and are stalling.

Amirudin has already had to change his plans, after it was disclosed that agents of the potential contractor paid his travel costs to the UK and United States. Amirudin had to cancel going to Arizona to see another stadium there.

Civil servants are rebelling against Amirudin’s Shah Alam Stadium decision. Amirudin is pissed. MRCB is pissed. The Rakyat are being kept in the dark.