Telegram does not want its platform to be ‘politically censored’

A company spokesman says it is already moderating harmful content on its platform, including the sale of illegal substances and pornography.

(FMT) – Telegram is standing firm on its refusal to cooperate with the communications and digital ministry, saying it will not participate in “any form of political censorship”.

The instant messaging app’s spokesman Remi Vaughn claimed that the company was already doing its part to moderate harmful content on its platform, including on the sale of illegal substances and pornography, New Straits Times reported.

“Telegram will not, however, participate in any form of political censorship,” Vaughn was quoted as saying.

He said the company’s moderators are proactively monitoring the public segments in Telegram.

Vaughn added that user complaints received via the app and a complaints email – [email protected] – are also closely monitored to remove content that breaches its terms of service.

Yesterday, communications and digital minister Fahmi Fadzil said that Telegram may be facing action if it continues to be uncooperative with his ministry.

He added that his ministry has been trying to engage with Telegram since January, following several complaints of pornography and sale of drugs on the platform.

Fahmi said the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will look into the matter and that he is awaiting their recommendation on the next course of action.