Anwar hard-selling his ‘MADANI’ to Malaysians

(Bernama) – More than 18,000 Muslims attended the ‘Majlis Ilmu MADANI’ with the Prime Minister at the Putra Mosque here yesterday.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrived at the mosque for Magrib prayers at about 7.20 pm, and was greeted by two prominent Muslim scholars, namely the former grand mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Prof Dr Ali Juma’ah Al Azhari and the founder and principal of Dar Al Mustofa in Tarim, Yemen, Habib Umar Bin Muhammad Bin Salim Ben Hafidz.

Anwar in his speech said the programme gave the Muslims who were present an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of the two renowned scholars.

“In the preamble, it is said that this is the meaning of MADANI nation, returning to the basics, making the mosque a base in terms of worship and knowledge, and laying all the foundations of education, economy, with a spirit of courtesy and morals and trust so as to truly raise the dignity and status of the people.

“For my non-Muslim friends, the spirit and values that are fostered, the morals that are emphasised, kindness and mercy, will make Malaysia a country that leans on Islam but tries to treat everyone as a family that can co-exist peacefully,“ he said.

The ceremony continued with the ‘tausiyah’ (advice session) delivered by Sheikh Dr Ali Juma’ah and Habib Umar.

Anwar shook hands with some of those present at the event before leaving at about 9.30 pm.