Who hijacked the Shah Alam Stadium tender process?

What the stadium purposely left to fall into disrepair, so it would have to be replaced?


Companies that put much time and effort into preparing tenders to refurbish the Shah Alam Stadium, according to the tender documents issued by MBI are shocked and disappointed. The company that gained the work, Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) is about to receive a contract from the Selangor State Government for a completely different project concept, that doesn’t match the tender documents.

Somebody very high within the Selangor government is in the process of awarding a contract to demolish the shah Alam Stadium, and replace it with a smaller one, and use the rest of the land to construct a commercial, shopping, and hotel. Companies who were invited to tender lost their time, effort and money, after being misled by MBI.

Even the tender board within MBI was also misled by a person or group within the state Exco, who appear to have overridden the tender.

The tender stated clearly that the “State Government will not fund the project in any way”. The tender also clearly stated that “All available facilities therein are to be perpetuated”. The tender also stated “There will be no option for proposal of ‘land swap’ for any new developments.” (see specifications below).

MBI and the Chief Minister Amirudin Shari has since in the media said there will be a ‘landswap of state-owned land to fund the development proposal, where existing facilities are to be demolished and rebuilt.’

There needs to be an explanation given to the public as to why a company that didn’t comply with the tender specifications was awarded the project. The Shah Alam Stadium development project is an RM 787 million project, and appears to have not been given any due diligence through the specific tender process set up for this at MBI.

Who disregarded the tender specifications, and failed to set up a new tender?

It appears now that someone high within the Selangor government had planned the full development concept and award it to a company that didn’t go through the scrutiny of the tender process. It also appears other companies tendering for the refurbishment were sent on a wild goose chase to divert their attention from what was really happening.

Strangely, any person who attempts to ask any questions about the process that went on regarding the Shah Alam Stadium Complex Development is threatened legal action by the company that is about to be awarded the contract.

Someone from within the Selangor State Government, who believes something wrong has been done, released the correspondence below.