“KJ isn’t even a Bersatu member”: Party grassroots unhappy with Muhyiddin’s offer

BERSATU grassroots are reportedly not pleased that former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin has been offered a seat on the party’s Supreme Council as they believe that there are others in the party that are more deserving.

(Focus Malaysia) – Two division leaders, speaking to FMT on condition of anonymity, stressed that the offer has not gone down well with the grassroots as Khairy is not even a Bersatu member.

“There are many others who have been working hard for the party to get a seat, and now one is being offered to someone who is yet to be a Bersatu member,” said a Selangor division leader.

He argued that while Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin may have discussed the topic with senior leaders, the party should have also consulted the grassroots before making the offer public.

“When it comes to elections, the grassroots are the ones who do most of the work, from talking to voters to setting up flags, and so on,” he stressed.

“It does not look nice that a decision this big is made without hearing the voice of the grassroots.”

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