“No plans to table motion of confidence against PM,” says Bersatu info chief

DATUK Razali Idris said Bersatu has no plans to table a motion of confidence against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the upcoming Dewan Rakyat meeting on May 22.

(Focus Malaysia) – The party information chief said the recent rumour that the opposition had the numbers to challenge Anwar was just mere gossip and was not a statement made by the leadership or party chiefs.

“It would be difficult to unseat Anwar who has the majority support with 148 MPs. Even opposition chief whip (Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin) never said this,” he told Berita Harian when contacted yesterday (May 7).

“Why is Anwar thinking about rumours or small gossip out there? He shouldn’t be thinking about what numbers the other side has, because his government is stable enough with 148 seats.

“But that issue of numbers is just coffee shop talk, and those who say it are not leaders, senior party leaders or party chiefs, just regular people.”

Razali also suggested that Anwar conduct a vote of confidence in Parliament should he believe his leadership to be under jeopardy.

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