K’tan MB calls for solat hajat to bring rain as heat scorches nation

Datuk Ahmad Yakob notes hot spell has caused prolonged drought, destroyed crops

(The Vibes) – Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob has called on the people of the state to hold solat hajat (prayer of need) in their respective homes as well as to pray for the nation that is facing extremely hot weather.

He said the hot spell, which is expected to continue till August, has caused a prolonged drought and destroyed agricultural crops.

Imams are also asked to perform solat hajat at mosques or surau throughout the state to seek proportional rainfall for the well-being of the earth and the entire population, he said.

“Hopefully with these efforts, Allah SWT will shower His mercy on all of us by granting even rainfall and to refresh the earth,” he said in a statement today.