Fahmi Fadzil complains to Twitter

Hello @RajaPetra,

In the interest of transparency, we are writing to inform you that Twitter has received a request from Malaysia regarding your Twitter account, @RajaPetra, that claims the following content violates the law(s) of Malaysia.@RajaPetra

We have not taken any action on the reported content at this time as a result of this request.

As Twitter strongly believes in defending and respecting the voice of our users, it is our policy to notify our users if we receive a legal request from an authorized entity (such as law enforcement or a government agency) to remove content from their account. We provide notice whether or not the user lives in the country where the request originated. This page provides more information:


We understand that receiving this type of notice can be an unsettling experience. While Twitter is not able to provide legal advice, we want you to have an opportunity to evaluate the request and, if you wish, take appropriate action to protect your interests. This may include seeking legal counsel and challenging the request in court, contacting relevant civil society organizations, voluntarily deleting the content (if applicable), or finding some other resolution.

For more information on legal requests Twitter receives from governments worldwide, please refer to this article on our Help Center and our biannual Transparency Report: