Go on leave, PH MP tells Sivakumar

Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Karim says ministers should not wait for the prime minister to issue such an order, should their ministries be under any corruption probe.

(FMT) – A Pakatan Harapan MP has advised human resources minister V Sivakumar to go on leave pending the corruption probe into three of his aides by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Karim said as the minister is part of the PH-led government whose agenda is to eradicate corruption, Sivakumar should show a positive example by going on leave to allow the MACC to carry out its probe without any interference.

“The minister should know better about collective and ministerial responsibility in his duties as a Cabinet member.

“Don’t wait for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to order ministers, whose ministries are under a corruption probe, to go on leave or resign,” he said in a statement today.

Hassan said all ministers must be responsible for safeguarding the reputation of the unity government led by Anwar, who is clearly taking steps to combat corruption within the government.

“While Sivakumar is not a suspect, the fact that the MACC has summoned the human resources minister twice and visited his home and office does not bode well for the current government’s image,” he said.

Hassan also said Sivakumar, who is a respected MP and experienced politician, should take the necessary action to safeguard the government’s image.

“I am not urging him to resign right now,” he said. “At the very least, he should take a temporary break from his ministerial duties.”

Several quarters have urged Sivakumar to go on leave after the latter was summoned by the MACC over an ongoing investigation into the recruitment of foreign workers.

The anti-graft agency had arrested Sivakumar’s three aides a week ago and released them after the four-day remand expired last Monday.

Yesterday, sources told FMT that two of the three aides have returned to work while another has been suspended with pay.