Labuan Umno leaders sign pledge of loyalty to party

Those found to have violated any of the clauses in the pledge will face disciplinary action including expulsion or suspension.

(MalaysiaNow) – Labuan Umno division leaders have signed an “aku janji” letter or letter of undertaking as proof of loyalty to the party.

Labuan Umno chief Mohd Rafi Alli Hassan said this was in line with the Umno central leadership’s directive for all party leaders to show their loyalty.

“The signing of a letter of undertaking was not done in the past, and this is a crucial time for party leaders to show their full commitment and loyalty to the party.

“As we know, there have been many cases of Umno leaders, for instance in Sabah, who have jumped ship after viewing opportunities in other political parties.

“This letter is important in that it clearly outlines the terms exactly as the leaders have agreed to, in accordance with the party constitution,” he said on April 15.

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