‘Double Six’ crash report: Too many questions, not enough answers for now

“If this is all what the report is about, why make us wait 47 years, as if the government was hiding some kind of controversial top secret matter?” 

(The Star) – After a 47-year wait, the report on the Sabah’s tragic “Double Six” air crash is finally out. And it has turned out to be a huge disappointment for the families of the victims.

Many are bewildered as to why it took the government almost half a century to declassify such a tame report, blaming the crash on the pilot.

“I mean, come on. This is frustrating. We waited 47 years for this kind of report?” asked Iskandar Salleh, 52, the youngest son of the late state minister Datuk Salleh Sulong.

He felt that the report was incomplete, did not make sense and was just not satisfactory.

He said Malaysia should push the Australian government to declassify its findings on the June 6, 1976 Nomad N22B, 9M-ATZ plane crash.

“We want the Australian report, not just this Malaysian version. We have more questions than answers now,” Iskandar said.

He added that the report also blamed the airline company for its incompetency in checking the aircraft prior to flying, and wondered if he, as the family, should sue the company.

“I think if the company is really at fault, then they should take responsibility and compensate the families involved,” he said.

Many were left asking why the government kept the report a secret if it was pilot and standard operating procedure error. The families, they said, had yearned for answers for so long.

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