Coalition govt may not be formed in all states, says Zahid

The deputy prime minister says the political situation in Melaka is unique.

(MalaysiaNow) – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday hinted that the formation of a coalition government expected in Melaka might not occur in other states, including Johor.

The deputy prime minister said this was because the political situation in Melaka differed from those in other states.

“I hope there is no speculation because the important thing is political stability, not only at the national level, but we believe that stability also needs to be established for the administration in each state,” he told reporters in Muar.

Zahid also said that the most important thing for the people was political stability, which would translate into an influx of investments as well as economic opportunities based on better investor trust.

“Stability will also bring confidence to the people in the leadership of the state itself and I believe that what Prime Minister (Anwar Ibrahim) hopes for is political stability,” said Zahid.

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