Restaurant drops Menu Rahmah, owner says can’t bear losses anymore

(The Star)  A food operator here was forced to stop selling the Menu Rahmah at his restaurant after he could no longer bear the losses at his business in Bayan Lepas.

In a video posted to Tong Kayu Cafe Original’s official TikTok account, the owner of the restaurant, who is only known as Fakhrul, said the menu, which was introduced by the Federal Government in February, did not get a good response from his customers and he had to stop selling it at his restaurant.

“I can no longer sell Menu Rahmah, there were two reasons for the discontinuation, first one was due to factors of economy and I don’t have huge capital and my business is a normal one.

“Secondly, the response for Menu Rahmah at my place was so poor, it led to losses,” he said in the video.

He said he had introduced two dishes, which were white rice and chicken cooked in soy sauce and white rice with turmeric fried chicken.

He said he only prepared about 15 plates for each dish but could not sell it and had to throw it away.

He said after two to three weeks of selling the items, he could no longer hold on and had to stop selling Menu Rahmah at his restaurant.

In the video that garnered about 150,000 views, Fakhrul hopes that his decision won’t be condemned by his customers.

He also said that he was initially eager to support the federal government initiative to help the public, especially the B40 group but due to losses he incurred, he had to discontinue selling the items.

A total of 586 food operators nationwide have registered to offer Menu Rahmah meals at their restaurants.