Umno Polls – 118 nominations received, 8 contesting Vice President, 95 MKT

A total of 118 nominations have been accepted for various senior Umno posts including the vice president and Umno Supreme Working Council (MKT) in party polls which will take place later this month.

(NST) – Umno Election Committee Chairman (JPU) 2023, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad said out of this figure eight contestants are vying for the three Vice President posts while 95 others are contesting for the 25 MKT posts.

He revealed that three nominations for MKT were rejected after it was found that the contestants did not meet the criteria, such as not being an existing MKT member or having held a position for at least one term or three years at the divisional level.

“On Feb 26 (the deadline for nominations), that we have received, a total of 118 registered candidates were received and we have already checked their eligibility to contest.

“Of the 98 (nominations) that were accepted for the MKT, we have checked and found that three are not eligible to contest and we have rejected these three. In the end, the nomination for MKT posts accepted stood at 95 candidates,” he said.

Shahrir said this in a ‘Special Interview with JPU’ programme which was broadcast through Facebook UMNO Online, last night.

Overall, he said a total of 383 candidates are contesting for party posts at the central level including two candidates for the posts of Umno Permanent Chairman, Umno Permanent Deputy Chairman (10 candidates) and in the three Umno wings.

He said for Umno Wanita a total of 70 nominations were received including two nominations each for the contest involving the post of Permanent Chairman of Wanita Umno, Wanita Umno chief and Deputy Wanita Umno head.

“For the post of Wanita Umno Permanent Deputy Chairman post, four candidates have been nominated, while for the Wanita Exco, 60 nominations were accepted to fill the 20 posts offered.

“For Umno Youth, a total of 142 nominations were received, seven for the posts of Umno Youth Permanent Chairman, four for Umno Youth Permanent Deputy Chairman, five nominations for Umno Youth Chief and four for Umno Youth Vice Leaders as well as 113 contesting youth Exco positions,” he said.

As for Puteri Umno, Shahrir said a total of 56 candidates offered to contest, namely two nominations each for the position of Puteri Umno Permanent Chairperson and the deputy post, six nominations for the post of Puteri Umno Chief and three for Puteri Umno Deputy Chief post, whereas 43 nominations were received for Puteri Exco posts.

He said all candidates whose nominations have been accepted by the JPU can still decide to withdraw from the contest before 2 pm tomorrow.

He adds that at 2 pm tomorrow there will also be a ceremony to draw candidates’ vote numbers for contests at all levels. The drawing of number lots at the Umno auditorium in Menara Dato Onn will start with Puteri Umno followed by Youth, Wanita, and MKT and conclude with the Vice-President contestants.

The contest for the Vice President’s post and MKT posts will take place on March 18 when Umno division meetings take place nationwide, while for the three Umno wings, the contest will be held on March 11.