PAS accepts with open arm UMNO ‘renegade’ Annuar Musa, praises his credibility

(Focus Malaysia)- Impressed with his credibility, PAS will readily accept former Ketereh MP Tan Sri Annuar Musa to join the Islamic party.

The top-level invitation came from none other than Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang after the former Ketereh UMNO division head expressed his preparedness to return to the political arena by joining a political party that is in line with his struggle and conviction.

“Since 1979 (43 years ago), I became a member of a certain political party and served it until I was expelled from the party last December,” Annuar who was the former Communications and Multimedia Minister had lamented on his Facebook page on Monday (Feb 27).

“It has now been three months since I joined a party. I used that time to reflect and observe the currents and patterns of the country’s politics.”

Added the president of non-governmental organisation (NGO) Muafakat Nasional: “The time has come for me to think seriously about going back to continue the political struggle as a party, by choosing a party that suits the soul of my struggle, and a party that really fights to uphold religious beliefs and defend the nation and the country.

Hadi has described Annuar who was expelled from UMNO in December last year for being rampantly too vocal against the party’s leadership as an authoritative leader.

“He is an authoritative leader who can help the country’s politics. The ultimate choice is his (Annuar) but we welcome him (to join PAS),” Astro Awani quoted the Perikatan Nasional (PN) deputy chairman as telling a media conference after attending an ulama dialogue entitled “Facing the Challenges of Today’s Media Globalisation” in Kuala Lumpur last night (Feb 28).

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