Why do cops, MACC need to get CJ’s permission to investigate wrongdoing, asks Zaid

“Under what law is this established?”

(FMT) – Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has called on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to explain what law dictates the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and cops to get the Chief Justice’s consent to probe judges.

“Now the prime minister must answer this, do the MACC and police need to inform and get approval from the Chief Justice before they investigate any wrongdoing by a judge?

“Under what law is this established?” he said on Twitter.

Earlier today, FMT reported that the apex court held that the MACC’s investigation against Justice Nazlan Ghazali was done without following protocol.

Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat said this today in delivering the ruling on a suit brought by three lawyers to challenge the investigation by MACC into claims of an unexplained sum of more than RM1 million in Nazlan’s bank account.

“Investigative bodies like MACC must consult the chief justice before (initiating) the probe. Their failure to inform shows that there was a lack of bona fide on their part,” she said, following the unanimous decision by the seven-member panel, which she chaired.