Inter-racial hate and suspicion is Malaysia’s biggest problem

Little hope of change

Murray Hunter

In a long discussion with a colleague last night, I realized how deep hate and suspicion is embedded within peoples’ hearts (should be mental maps).

Racial bigotry and prejudice are a national blind spot. Everything is seen within racial shades, where society is split up and fragmented. Variously defined groups live within their own separate conclaves, which now have very few common denominators. This has destroyed any sense of national unity.

Go to the rural areas, and it has become a world of Arabism. Social status is now measured by how much one resonates as an Arab. Go to Jinjang in Kepong, and you will see the resemblance with a small town in China. Malaysians now live within their own bubbles, and hardly interact with other ethnic groups.

There is now no longer any appreciation of the various cultures within Malaysia. Interaction between various cultures during festival times is now forbidden in the totalitarian society Malaysia has become. Malaysia is now a quasi-apartheid community. With the evolution of Ketuanan Melayu, the imposition of the New Economic policy (NEP), and the stupidity of identity politics, Malaysia cannot call itself a united nation.

Now the PAS version of Ketuanan Islam models itself upon Taliban society, which the leadership admires. With Salafism also, the theology excludes relations with Kafirs, or non-believers. Islam has become a tool of segregation.

The Chinese has been portrayed for generations as the root of all evil in Malaysia. Never mind corruption at the top echelons of government by Malay rulers, the Chinese are worse. This narrative protected the ruling elite from close scrutiny for years.

While Malays has been given special rights, Chinese have been punished for being born Chinese. Places within the civil service and education have been severely restricted. Many left the country out of lack of opportunity.

The nation breaches one of the most basic human rights, that is the right for equality of opportunity. Equity hasn’t worked in Malaysia, just as the west is finding now. In Australia and the US, we see division in society growing, just as it did in Malaysia.

These divisions within Malaysia are causing national security issues. The CCP United Front is winning the hearts and minds of Malaysia’s young Chinese, while Saudi money and religious teachers are winning the hearts and minds of Malays.

Hate and prejudice are ingrained within government policy. Ismail Sabri and Tengku Zafrul Aziz framed one of the most racially biased budgets in Malaysian history during the last government. With Tengku Zafrul still a minister in an important portfolio, does anyone expect change and reformasi?

Goodbye Keluarga Malaysia.