Malaysia comes in at the 11th spot for breach of user’s data

Malaysia comes in at the 11th place for the country with the highest breach of personal user’s data for the second quarter of 2022.

(Sinar Daily) – University of Malaya (UM) cyber ​​law expert Professor Dr Abu Bakar Munir said, this is based on the latest research by the cyber security company Surfshark.

According to the leaked data report by Surfshark, throughout the period of April until June 2022, more than 665,200 Malaysian users were hacked, while since 2004 there have been 44.2 million hacked accounts.

“According to the reports in Singapore, most of the causes of data leakage is an unsatisfactory organisational system. In my opinion, we are weak in technical matters and organisational system is also lacking.

“What I mean by an effective organisational system is sufficient training, policy and management risks that need to be improved upon to reduce data leakage issues. If a data leak occurs,regulators and data subject regulators should be told to enhance accountability and transparency.

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