Shahrizat to contest Wanita Umno chief’s post

(FMT) – Shahrizat Jalil has officially joined the race for the Wanita Umno chief’s post.

Sharizat, who was Wanita Umno chief from 2009 to 2018, told New Straits Times her vision is to strengthen the movement and spread its wings.

“We have to be inclusive and we have to be there as mothers of the nation for each and every one of the rakyat as we had for many years,” she said.

“Wanita needs to be game changers again. We must win the hearts and minds of the nation again.”

She said her decision to stand for the post was due to the urging of her supporters.

Melaka Umno women’s chief Haryaty Hamdzah had said recently a group of grassroots supporters wanted Shahrizat to return as head of the wing.

Shahrizat said her previous experience in helming the post will come in handy.

“It’s important to have experience, tenacity, be on the ground and you must feel the pulse of what Wanita is.

“I bring a strength of experiences. I’ve been up and down as an individual, a mother, wife and as a leader. I have never left Umno nor Wanita,” she said.

On taking on incumbent Noraini Ahmad, Shahrizat said the competition was not personal.

“It’s normal that there will be bumps and turbulence within the campaign, but it’s nothing personal.

“I have given instructions to those who support me to embark on a clean campaign because the political landscape speaks for itself.

“Most importantly, those who support me must know what I stand for and where I hope to bring Wanita. It’s not about maligning the opposition camp,” she said.

Nominations for the Umno party elections started on Feb 13 and will continue until Feb 26.

The election of division office-bearers and its Supreme Council will be held simultaneously on March 18.

The election for the party wings – Wanita, Youth and Puteri – will be held on March 11.