Umno info chief’s damage control attempt on illegal sacking and suspension of party leaders

Isham Jalil’s menegakkan benang basah attempt

(The Star) – Due process was followed in the recent sacking and suspension of Umno leaders, says party information chief Isham Jalil.

Citing the Umno constitution, Isham said the party’s supreme council can decide to sack or suspend its members.

“Other processes involving the disciplinary board, and among others, were just internal management practices.

“Therefore, when the supreme council formalises the sacking and suspension of these members, the sacking and suspension are valid according to the Umno constitution, rules and the law,” said Isham in a Facebook post on Sunday (Jan 29).

Isham said the sackings and suspensions weren’t the end for these Umno leaders, as they could still appeal the decision by meeting with the party’s disciplinary board.

Isham said this included Tan Sri Noh Omar, who was due to meet the disciplinary board on Jan 30.

“The Umno disciplinary board isn’t a Federal Court. The punishment for Noh and Khairy Jamaluddin isn’t a prison or death sentence.

“They can still appeal and defend themselves several times,” said Isham.

According to Isham, all Noh and Khairy have to do was defend themselves before the disciplinary board.

“If Noh and Khairy can defeat the evidence of their wrongdoing, then I believe the disciplinary board will come to a fair decision,” added Isham.

Isham also advised Umno leaders to stop challenging the authority of the party’s disciplinary board and supreme council in sacking them.

“This will worsen their situation and it also reflects arrogance,” added Isham.

Isham also hoped that the sacked and suspended Umno leaders would be patient.

On Friday (Jan 27), the Umno supreme council sacked Khairy and Noh.

Other members were suspended for six years, including former party information chief Shahril Hamdan, Sembrong Umno chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, former youth exco member Datuk Dr Fathul Bari Mat Jahya, former Johor state exco member Datuk Maulizan Bujang and former Jempol MP Datuk Seri Mohd Salim Mohd Shariff.

Shahril had said he was pessimistic about appealing against his suspension, claiming that due process was not followed by the disciplinary board.

Action was taken against these Umno leaders as they were deemed to have criticised the party president and worked with opposition parties in the last general election.