Are three Umno bigwigs among those on chopping block?

According to source, recommendation by disciplinary board based on individual’s outward conduct

(The Vibes) – At least three embattled senior Umno leaders are facing the possibility of sacking by the party, with their future in the political outfit likely to be made known later today.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the trio is among a long list of Umno members whose names have been mentioned by the party’s disciplinary board for stern action.

However, the Supreme Council, which will meet at the party’s headquarters tonight, will have the final say on the matter.

One source, who spoke to The Vibes on strict condition of anonymity, said the recommendation by the disciplinary board is based on the outward conduct of these individuals that threatened to tarnish the party’s image.

“Many will be sacked, including three high-profile names,” he said last night.

His statement came on the back of Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s remark that the Supreme Council will determine the fate of former youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Zahid, who is deputy prime minister, also confirmed that disciplinary action will not be exclusive to Khairy, noting that a massive purge can instead be expected.

“During the last Umno general assembly, I said that we will be doing a massive clean-up (involving) those who sabotaged the party, our candidates, and even themselves during the 15th general election.

“‘Massive’ means that members will be fired. I have to embargo all the details until a suitable time,” he said.

Previously, Khairy, who lost the Sg Buloh parliamentary seat during the federal polls, had called for Zahid’s resignation after Umno suffered its worst electoral performance since its formation.

While campaigning in the general election, Khairy also said Umno under Zahid’s leadership had lost its way and needed “cleansing”.

Khairy was also among those who opposed the decision not to vie for the top two posts and had alleged “ghost delegates” being brought into the party’s recent general assembly to bulldoze the vote on the no-contest motion.

Another party insider, who similarly requested anonymity, said the recommendation made by Umno’s disciplinary board to sack several members, including high-profile ones, is justified, adding that he is confident the Supreme Council will heed this advice.

This, he said, is going on the transgression committed by these members, including internal party sabotage and blatant attempt to undermine the party and its leadership.

“I completely support the action being recommended,” he said when contacted.

“This is a lesson to all – including those in the upper echelons of the party. At least now, all leaders will be more cautious about what they say and do.”

Previously in December, Umno had sacked former Ketereh MP Tan Sri Annuar Musa, who is also a strong proponent of Barisan Nasional’s cooperation with Perikatan Nasional, for besmirching the party’s name.

Among other things, he had openly called for Zahid’s head for going against Umno’s earlier decision not to cooperate with Pakatan Harapan.

In October last year, another party bigwig, former Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, was suspended from the party for his open criticism of the party president.