Umno has no choice but to keep quiet and accept DAP’s attacks

(Focus Malaysia) – PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily has taken a potshot at its former ally-turned-foe UMNO, wondering if the latter has made the right decision by choosing to work with DAP and the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition even if it had previously attacked both of them in the past.

Labelled as extremist and racist in the past, PAS is now teasing UMNO over what it regarded as the dominant Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition member conveniently showering DAP with praises or even adoring it as both “a saviour and a good friend”.

“UMNO has claimed that the current collaboration between the party and DAP is part of an adaptation to the current needs and dynamism,” noted Harakah Daily.

“They claimed that DAP is not deceitful or pretend to be friends. In other words, DAP which was previously a staunch enemy until UMNO openly declared ‘No DAP’ previously has in recent times at its just concluded general assembly accepted DAP as a good and sincere ally. May UMNO be happy with DAP.”

On that account, Harakah Daily took a swipe at UMNO by pointing to a bold statement by a DAP leader “who does need to pretend to be loyal to a friend”.

“DAP Penang deputy chairman P. Ramasamy claimed that Zahid might have emerged unscathed temporarily, but he seems to be the albatross around the neck of UMNO and to some extent PH or the unity government,” revealed the PAS mouthpiece.

“Ramasamy’s statement is quite bold and not pretentious. UMNO members should listen and accept openly.”

Moreover, the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II went on to argue that “UMNO cannot be revitalised without the need to clean up its corruption tainted image. Unfortunately, Zahid appears to be the most tainted leader in UMNO”.

“A good friend who seemingly went out of his way to describe the UMNO president as the ‘most tainted leader’ around. When UMNO was friend with PAS, it was very unlikely that UMNO leaders had ever been insulted in such a manner.”

But now that UMNO’s leaders have already been indebted to DAP, it is best that “members of the party don’t say anything but just be patient to accept the statement of its new-found friend”, Harakah Daily teased.

“If they keep messing around like that, then nothing much can be done except echoing what soldiers who accompanied Si Luncai (a character in the Malay folklore) used to say, ‘let it be’, ‘let it be’.”