Pas not loyal, DAP is sincere – Tok Mat

Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has called out Pas for being insincere and inconsistent when forming political alliances.

(Sinar Daily) – In his speech during the first day of the general assembly, Mohamad said Pas had been talking to everyone including Umno’s ‘ widow’ Perikatan National (PN).

“Look at their past dalliances with PKR and DAP, in the end everyone went their separate ways,” he said.

“We do know DAP’s stance, they are also aware of our position. They are not pretending to be good friends, we don’t even have to pretend.

“We know who DAP is and we also know who PKR is same goes to Amanah, we made a decision for our country and have grace for our differences.” he told some 5,000 delegates at the Merdeka hall in WTC today.