Pushing for alcohol sale ban is only tip of PAS’ green wave ideology to conquer Penang

THE green wave unleashed by Perikatan Nasional (PN) is well known to the public in the country. By unleashing the green wave phenomenon, PN intends to get the support of the Malays as much as possible.

(Focus Malaysia) – Pakatan Harapan (PH) and other fraternal political parties must counter the growing threat of the green wave.

As I have written earlier, good governance is not sufficient to counter the untruths and lies perpetrated by PN especially its dominant component, PAS.

The unscrupulous methods of PN in getting the support of Malay Muslims by virtually inventing lies and half truths about PH and others are something shameful and objectionable.

If the phenomenon of green wave depends entirely on smearing others – both non-Muslims and Muslims alike – then one can speculate on the longevity of the phenomenon itself.

Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy

More than this, the green wave itself seems devoid of understanding of the multi-racial and multi-religious character of the country. It merely caters for the particular toxic version of PAS’ political ideology.

But unfortunately, for the newly elected MP Fawwaz Mohamad Jan of the parliamentary constituency of Permatang Pauh, stopping events meant for non-Muslims is part and parcel of the green ideology.

Yesterday (Jan 10), he marched with his army of PAS supporters into a shopping mall in mainland Penang’s Sebarang Jaya to stop the promotion of alcohol in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

An act that was shameful and cowardly especially coming from an elected representative of the area.

Non-Muslims being targetted

There was no necessity on the part of Fawwaz to march into the mall with a group of his supporters to stop the promotion of alcohol.

Promotion and sales of alcohol might be offensive to Muslims, but this was meant for the non-Muslims. There was nothing strange or extraordinary about the event itself.

Why lead a group of PAS supporters in demanding the mall management to desist in promotion of alcohol sales? What was done by the mall management was within the ambit of local government rules and regulations.

If this was done illegally, Fawwaz had the right to complain to the  Sebarang Perai local council (MBSP).

Why take the law into his own hands other than the need for cheap political publicity especially in the light of the coming state elections in Penang?

The action by Fawwaz was subsequently uploaded in the social media particularly Tik Tok – the favourite social media platform used by PAS in promoting the green wave.

It is evidently clear that the first-term MP Fawwaz wanted to show his heroism against the promotion of alcohol to push the limits of the green wave.

Isn’t there are better way of promoting PAS rather than at the expense of the non-Muslims? Are non-Muslims the target of PAS’ green wave?

There are so many people-related issues in the parliamentary constituency of Permatang Pauh but these are not touched at all by Fawwaz.

Why target the non-Muslims on the matter of promotion of alcohol. Is PAS the undisputed moral guardian of the society?

Is Fawwaz the chief inspector of the moral police department in Penang?