Who is Agenzia Nova, the news agency from Italy behind the Anwar Ibrahim gay report?

(FMT) – Communications and digital minister Fahmi Fadzil has called out opposition leader Hamzah Zainudin for citing a report by a little-known Italian website called Agenzia Nova in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

The Lembah Pantai MP questioned the credibility of the source as the website was not even on a Reuters list of news outlets in Italy.

“Guess what? Agenzia Nova isn’t even on the list!

“What is this (Italian) Agenzia Nova website that he was citing? Does it have any credibility?” he said in a Facebook post.

Who is Agenzia Nova?

Agenzia Nova is an Italian news agency founded in 2001. Agenzia Nova is the leading Italian news agency in terms of the number of news on international policy and it has 42 employees.

Headquarters: 11 Via Parigi, Rome, Lazio, 00187, Italy

Revenue RM62 million