Anwar’s MoU not the same as Ismail’s, PN MP slams Fahmi

Padang Serai MP Azman Nasrudin points to a controversial clause in the agreement recently signed by government parties.

(Malaysia Now) – Bersatu’s Padang Serai MP today hit out at remarks by communications minister Fahmi Fadzil equating the memorandum of understanding (MoU) recently inked by government parties with the agreement signed between former prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Pakatan Harapan (PH) in September last year.

In a statement, Azman Nasrudin described Fahmi’s comments as a cheap political move to confuse the people.

“Firstly, there was no provision in the agreement between Ismail and PH forcing MPs to support the prime minister or other proposals related to the legitimacy of the government,” he said.

“There was no provision like Clause 4 of this illegal MoU in the Ismail-PH agreement, there was absolutely no coercion.”

He added that Perikatan Nasional had never challenged the right of government parties to sign such an agreement, saying any objection now was related to “attempts to bring about a dictatorship”.

The MoU, signed on Dec 16, stated among others that all parties must support the prime minister in confidence motions or supply bills as well as in any other parliamentary procedure that could affect the continuity of the government.

It also said the onus was on the parties involved to ensure how their MPs vote, adding that MPs who vote outside party lines will be deemed as disqualified, and their seats declared vacant.

This came about three weeks after Anwar Ibrahim was named as prime minister, following days of political stalemate in the aftermath of the 15th general election, where none of the major coalitions secured the simple majority needed to form the government.

The agreement sparked a heated debate with the Malaysian Bar saying yesterday that Clause 4 appeared “directly averse” to the anti-hopping bill to prevent MPs from switching camps.

Azman meanwhile asked how democratic practices could coexist with what he called “elements of coercion and threats” against MPs.

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