Muhyiddin asked me to get PH reps to defect, claims Amirudin

PKR vice-president Amirudin Shari claims that Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin previously told him to get Pakatan Harapan (PH) assemblymen in Selangor to defect in order to bring down the PH state government.

(FMT) – Speaking at a ceramah in Kulim for Padang Serai candidate Sofee Razak, the Selangor menteri besar slammed Muhyiddin for campaigning on a “clean and stable” platform, claiming that his personal experience with the former prime minister proved otherwise.

Amirudin said three days before the Sheraton Move, he met Muhyiddin, who was then the home minister in the PH government, and questioned the latter on the political manoeuvre.

The Sheraton Move refers to the political manoeuvre in 2020 that saw some MPs from Bersatu and PKR joining forces with those from BN and PAS. It led to the collapse of the PH government.

“This is what a man who called himself clean and incorruptible told me: Amir, you get Amanah and PKR assemblymen and pay them RM10,000 per month, give positions in government-linked companies (GLCs),” claims Amirudin.

“For what? To betray (PH) and bring down Selangor (government).

“I went back and I told myself my mother did not bring me into this world to be a traitor. (Therefore) I did not go along with the plan and I rejected such politics.”

Amirudin said this was Muhyiddin’s “scheme of things”.

The phrase “scheme of things” is from an audio recording allegedly leaked from a Bersatu Supreme Council meeting in 2020, in which a man, said to be Muhyiddin, is heard proposing that Bersatu shore up its position by joining forces with Umno to form Malaysia’s largest Malay political party, with offers of positions in GLCs made to Umno as an incentive.

Amirudin also called upon Padang Serai voters to reject PN’s candidate Azman Nasruddin, who was previously with PKR before defecting to Bersatu two years ago.