Anwar being finance minister avoids unhappiness in unity govt: Rafizi

PKR deputy chief says giving post to Pakatan Harapan could cause rift with Barisan Nasional, and vice versa

(The Vibes) – The extraordinary political situation necessitated the prime minister to also take up the finance portfolio in a bid not to dissatisfy other parties within the unity government, Rafizi Ramli revealed today.

The newly minted economic affairs minister explained that had the position of finance minister been given to a leader of any one of the parties (or coalitions), it could have caused dissatisfaction among the others.

“For instance, if someone from Pakatan Harapan (PH) became the minister, there would have been problems with Barisan Nasional (BN). If it was given to BN, then there would have been problems with PH,” he said in his maiden press conference as a cabinet member today.

“Because of the extraordinary situation now, the decision (to have the prime minister hold the finance minister portfolio) is appropriate at the moment.

“It’s easier for the prime minister to be the finance minister so there won’t be any issues with the other components. But I hope as we move forward and put everything in place, the situation now is an exception, not the norm.”

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