Pakatan Harapan cuba senyapkan Yang Mulia Raja Petra al haj Bin Raja Kamarudin

From: Raveendran A Nadaraja

[email protected]

Date: 26 November 2022 at 02:33:57 GMT+8

Subject: RPK’s inflammatory youtube post “Agong Ditipu”

The above is a very dangerous post (SEE VIDEO BELOW) which is inciting racial hatred! KIndly remove this post. If RPK is genuinely concerned about Malaysia he should be there and not hiding in the UK and collecting money from dubious individuals to spin tales.

Everything in this post is full of lies.

I shall be reporting this matter to the UK and the M’sian authorities to investigate RPK.

The majority of Malaysians want peace and economic development in the country. People like RPK are spreading hatred to destabilise the current government which has been promoted by the King.

Kindly stop this nonsense. The country will prosper despite his posts of hate. But people like RPK must be reported. His conduct is akin to terrorism.

Why is RPK doing this from the UK? It is simple – he is wanted by the authorities in Malaysia for his behaviour and illegal acts. He is assuming that the King of Malaysia is an unintelligent person and that RPK is the know all. His behaviour is also bordering on treason. He cannot accept that Malaysia has selected a new leader to lead the country and his hatred for Anwar Ibrahim is the culmination of this post.