Red shirts movement warns may take to the streets if Zahid refuses to quit

(The Star) – The Red Shirts warned that they may take to the streets if Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic) refuses to resign for the debacle in the 15th General Election (GE15).

The warning by the movement, comprising Barisan Nasional friendly non-governmental organisations, came in the wake of growing calls for Ahmad Zahid to resign and not hold talks with Pakatan Harapan to set up a government.

“There is a possibility that the Red Shirts will start a movement akin to how we went against Bersih previously,” the movement’s information chief Ariffin Abu Bakar told reporters at the lobby of Dato Menara Onn on Sunday (Nov 20).

Ariffin, who was accompanied by a group of red shirt supporters, had early chanted calls for Ahmad Zahid’s resignation.

The Red Shirts, an NGO movement of 300 NGOs, was set up in 2016 to counter the Bersih movement and were involved in several protests.

Ariffin said the group was against the talks between Ahmad Zahid and Pakatan to form an alliance.

“Previously, he said no DAP, no Anwar, however, there is a theory that there may be cooperation with Pakatan,” he said.

He called on Ahmad Zahid to resign respectfully and not to wait till the grassroots reacted in an unpredictable manner.