In racially charged speech, ‘Superman Hew’ urges support for PH while condemning ‘head-wrapped Malays’

Hew Kuan Yew, popularly known as ‘Superman Hew’, speaks in a video of a ceramah that has been making the rounds on social media.

(Malaysia Now) – A video showing a Pakatan Harapan (PH) speaker urging the Chinese community to exploit the disunity within the Malay community by giving them a “knockout punch” at the general election is making the rounds on social media, just hours before campaining officially ends at midnight.

In the video, controversial DAP-linked speaker Hew Kuan Yew is seen telling his audience that Malay disunity should be welcomed by the Chinese community.

“Now let the Malays who want Malay supremacy, the head-wrapped Malays who want Islamic supremacy, meaning those PAS b******ds,” Hew said in Cantonese.

“When they unite, we Chinese cannot live. When they are divided, that’s when we pound them to *****.”

The one-minute video is also accompanied by Malay subtitles.

Hew, popularly known as “Superman Hew”, has admitted making the speech, but claims the Malay subtitles do not accurately reflect what he said.

In a Facebook post, he also accused MCA of editing the video and adding subtitles for Umno’s use, so that it could be distributed to the Malays.

Contacted by MalaysiaNow, Hew said he was against any “right wing” and “racist” political parties which use religion to fish for votes.

“Malaysia’s diverse and multiracial society should give strong support to PH in order to form a new government that is clean and moderate, with a genuine reform mindset, respecting the rights of various races, especially in socio-cultural terms,” he said.

Hew also said he would continue campaigning for PH, describing the coalition as “progressive and inclusive”.

“I am always ready to help anyone who is against the hypocritical BN and PN, this has been my principle and criteria when considering invitations to speak,” he added.

‘Look at my punch’

In the video which has gone viral, Hew urged support for PKR, DAP, Amanah, Upko and Muda, the parties that make up PH.

“Malay politics, racial politics and religious politics, let them stab each other,” he said.

“Now that they are divided, we must stay united.”

Brandishing his fist, Hew went on to demonstrate how he would deliver a knockout punch.

“Look at my fist… (censored)!

He also said a funeral was being prepared on Monday for those dressed in blue, believed to be a reference to Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional, the two Malay-led coalitions contesting at the polls.

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“It would be nice to have the funeral on Saturday itself,” he added.