Reminder to Anwar: he is the real traitor to his own party, said PKR Sabah

(Borneo News) – PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the real traitor to his own party, who also essentially caused the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Federal government, said former Sabah PKR Women Chief Rahimah Majid.

She especially blamed PH’s collapse on Anwar’s desperation to become the 8th PM of Malaysia,

To better illustrate this, she pointed out that after PH (without PPBM) had agreed 100% to support Tun Dr Mahathir (to remain as the 7th PM) on the 25th Feb morning, Anwar led PH to change their decision on 26th night to withdraw support for Tun, and instead to back himself as PM in the interview of PH MPs by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, on 27th Feb.

“This was a grave strategic error and pure stupidity as PH then without PPBM had only 92 MPs short of the simple majority of 112 and insufficient for the Agong to exercise his Majesty’s constitutional discretion to appoint Anwar as the PM of Malaysia.

“PH even had the audacity to charter an open-deck bus to ferry its MPs to the Istana and were in a celebratory mood despite knowing full well that they did not have the required 112 simple majority,” she said.

In a long-and-scatting press statement issued today, she said it was a political suicide for Anwar and PH to withdraw support for Dr Mahathir, at that time.

“It also makes one wonder about the wisdom of DAP leaders in blindly supporting Anwar as PM, knowing full well that Anwar and PH without PPBM did not command the majority of MPs to allow the Agong to appoint Anwar as PM.

“If Anwar and PH had acted correctly strategically instead of being blinded by sheer greed and lust to be the PM, and had their 92 MPs supported Tun before the Agong on 27th Feb at the Istana, the Agong would have had no other alternative but to re-appoint Tun as PM,” she said.

She continued that the support by the 92 PH MPs together with the 65 MPs from PPBM, Sabah & Sarawak would have given Tun a bigger than 2/3 majority, and PH with PPBM and Sabah and Sarawak Parties would still be the Federal government today.

“Instead, Anwar and PH only realized their folly on 27th February night and reverted their stand on 28th Feb. after meeting Tun (Mahathir) again to bring back Tun into the PH fold. Alas, it was too late to rescue Anwar’s insatiable personal ambition to be the PM as the Agong had by then appointed Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as PM8,” she said.

She opined that it was a correct exercise on the part of his Majesty’s discretion, as the sitting of Parliament on 18th May confirmed that Muhyiddin did command the support of more than the required simple majority of 112 MPs.

“Anwar’s actions and personal greed to be PM and stupidity in strategies as well as silence on any cogent views for betterment of Malaysia, especially when the country was facing a global Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide economic downturn, seem to confirm the general view of his lack of ability to be able to lead Malaysia forward as its prime minister, whether it be PM8, PM9 or PM10,” she rubbed in.

Rahimah went on to note that the incessant pressure on Dr. Mahathir, including at the PH Presidential Council meeting on 22nd February 2020, to hand over the PM-ship and power to Anwar as PM8 showed Anwar’s greed for power and nothing else.

She said, Anwar and his bunch of ‘hound-dogs’ were more concerned about the transition of power and making Anwar as PM8, instead of formulating and introducing policies to strengthen the economy and improve the well-being of the people who had voted out Barisan Nasional and installing PH as the new Federal government in 14th general elections (PRU-14).

Since PH took over the Federal government in May 2018 after PRU-14, there was little or no input from Anwar to develop the economy or for the well-being of all Malaysians or moving Malaysia forward, she pointed out.

“All that was shown was the incessant pressure to get Tun Dr. Mahathir to step down or to announce a formal date for the handover of PM-ship which would have made Tun Dr. Mahathir as a “lame-duck” PM and toothless government.

“As a leader who wants to be the PM, Anwar should have behaved and acted like a PM-in-waiting, not like a desperado and desperate with hooligans at his beck and call to disrupt Tun Dr. Mahathir. We should honour and respect Tun for he had contributed the tipping point for PH to win PRU-14, without which, PH would still be the opposition after PRU-14,” she underscored.

She further observed that Anwar’s selfish ambition and desperation to become PM had not only caused infighting and instability in PKR, but also seriously undermined the position of PH government.

“This has affected the smooth governance of the Federal government. If Anwar had done his part to unite and strengthen the party, he could have prevented it, PKR could have been the strongest Party in PH and it would have eventually helped Anwar to be PM8. Instead, he had done the opposite and becoming the real traitor to his own party,” she said.

She contended that, as the president of PKR, Anwar should be uniting and strengthening the Party, and not to divide and weaken it.

“Instead, Anwar has become the divisive force and master of destruction in the Party since assuming the presidency. In his personal pursuit of becoming PM, he has led the party astray and has lost control of the Party which many of us have built up over the years especially during the many years he was incarcerated in prison.

“A closer scrutiny will reveal that the traitor to PKR is not YB Azmin and YB Zuraida but Anwar himself.

“It is sad to say but it’s the bitter truth that Anwar is the one who betrayed the Party and the members who supported him all the way since he was sacked as the DPM in 1998.

“He has forgotten the sacrifices made by the leaders, members and supporters and the general electorate who contributed immensely in financial resources, money, energy and time. Without them and their sacrifices especially during the many years he languished in jail, PKR would not have been the party it is today. The party was not built by Anwar alone or one man or one family.

“The Party is no longer what it was before and now has no direction and lost sight of its original objectives. Instead, PKR is now focused on the personal interest and ambition of Anwar and certain other individuals,” she said.

Rahimah then cited the case of Datuk Christina Liew as example where, Anwar re-appointed her to lead Sabah PKR after the Party’s election in 2018, even though she did not get the majority of support from all the Ketua Cabangs.

Rahimah also accused Liew of committing traitorous act against PKR by granting huge concessions to Warisan and surrendering many incumbent PKR seats in PRU-14 and decimating PKR Sabah.

“Her actions resulted in turning PKR Sabah into a mosquito party with two ADUNs only, from eight won during PRU-13. She should have been sacked from PKR but instead got rewarded by Anwar for her treachery with re-appointment as PKR Sabah Chief against the wishes of the majority of Divisional leaders and members.

“She had done little to strengthen PKR Sabah during her years as PKR Sabah Chief and failed to provide the leadership and focus after PRU-14. It was a grave mistake by Anwar and his unpopular decision had caused the downfall of PKR Sabah,” she charged.

Touching on her suspension by the party recently, Rahimah affirmed that she’s not going to appeal against the purported suspension, as there is no case or charge for her to answer.

“My purported suspension without any lawful justification together with the similar suspension and unwarranted expulsion of several hundred other PKR leaders only reveal a witch-hunt of long loyal party leaders. A witch-hunt to entrench the power of the ruling patriarch and turning PKR into a party for personal interests to further the greedy quest to be the next PM of Malaysia.

“Mass sacking and suspension of PKR leaders and members will not help to strengthen the party. The credibility of PKR Disciplinary Board is also in question. The Board has failed to exercise their duty diligently and the sacking and suspension of most of the leaders and members without proof or failing in setting out the basis of their decision, has rendered the Board to become a tool of the party president,” she contended.

She also declared that, after much deep thought, she and many other PKR leaders and members have no alternative but to leave PKR.

“Joining me in leaving the Party are a majority of the PKR Kudat Divisonal Committee members and nine (9) Ketua Wanita Cabang and State Women Wing’s Committee Members.

“It has been our beloved Party for which we and tens of thousands of others have soldiered and sacrificed for years to build the Party to what it is today.

“The high-point of our sacrifices have been the bitter-sweet victory of capturing the Federal government on the historic and earth shattering PRU-14 general election held on 9th May 2018.

“The Party that we have helped built and once cherish has changed and morphed from its fight against injustice and equality for all for a better Malaysia. The Party is now turned into one that is used to fuel a personal ambition and no longer upholds justice and equality for all,” she concluded.