Don’t vote in corrupt candidates, those against Islam, says Perlis mufti

(The Malaysian Insight) – PERLIS mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin called on Muslims not to vote candidates in this general election who have a record or appear to be willing to be involved in corruption and abuse of power.

He also called on them not to vote for candidates who “display a tyrannical attitude” by prioritising personal interests and family, or are racist and factional to the point of unfairness.

Other characteristics of candidates that must be rejected by Muslim voters, according to Asri, are those who express hostility towards Islam and those who clearly support parties that are hostile to Islam, even if they claim to be Muslims.

“In the context of national life, this group will not create order, but instead create tension in society, which can bring about chaos and damage the harmony of national life.

“Electing them means betraying the religion and the country,” he said.

Referring to evidence from the Quran and hadith, Asri reminded that those who were involved or have the potential to commit corruption are people who are cruel and would ruin the country.

“Candidates like this are included in the group of tyrants. Voting for them means giving power to people who will perform tyranny in the country,” he said in an article published on his office’s official website.

According to Asri, a vote in an election means giving a mandate and power, which if given to those who tend to be corrupt can bring tyranny to the people.

“So, everyone should think about the effect of the vote given to a candidate on the country and the people,” he said.

Asri reminded the public that his essay was not to discuss who must be chosen by Muslim voters as it is their choice, but rather to mention candidates who cannot be voted in.

“This article refers more to the candidates, not the political parties,” he said.

He also called on Muslim voters to reject candidates who have a poor service records or are clearly incapable of fulfilling their roles. Asri said candidates who tend to lie must be rejected as well.

“This can be detected by looking at the candidate’s background, such as cheating using religious texts, cheating in business, cheating on certificates, cheating at work, cheating others in dealings, and the like,” he said.

About 21.1 million voters will cast their ballots this week, with early voting on Tuesday and polling day on Saturday.