Here’s How Often Your Political Party Leaders Showed Up To Parliament

Elected Members of Parliament (MP) are meant to represent the people of their constituency in parliament, but do they even show up?

(The Rakyat Post) – You thought attendance was just a thing of the past and only applicable in school? Surprise, surprise: your attendance is tracked at work too. And surprise, surprise: this applies to your MPs too, who are technically working for you.

In Malaysia, Parliament is the legislative authority and enacts laws to be enforced nationwide. It passes Federal Laws, amends existing laws, examines the government’s policies, and approves expenditures as well as taxes. The Parliament also serves as the forum to discuss matters of public interest.

MPs are representatives of the people. They are supposed to listen to the concerns of the people in their constituency and bring that up in Parliament to be discussed. If your MPs are not present in Parliament, how will they be the bridge between their people and the government? In fact, they are even paid RM400 in allowances per day just to attend parliamentary meetings.

In the interest of keeping things concise, here are some of the attendance rates of the leaders of major political coalitions, as tracked by MYMP:

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