GE15: explain profit made from Invoke, Rashid tells Rafizi

PKR deputy president owns millions in shares of non-profit organisation, notes Batu Pahat incumbent

(The Vibes) – Batu Pahat incumbent MP Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon has hit back at PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli over the share ownership of Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd valued at RM16.7 million.

“Even if Rafizi does not sell or dispose of the shares anytime soon, these are millions in wealth that he now owns. The source of the wealth is the public-interest initiative, Invoke.

“He has profited, and the profit is massive. Ordinary Malaysians can only dream of earning RM16 million, even if they worked their whole lifetimes.”

Rashid also urged Rafizi to address this in the interest of transparency as he is now a GE15 candidate, and reminded the former Pandan MP that Invoke is not a for-profit organisation.

“Rafizi had said even if there is profit, Invoke cannot use the profit for personal gain, including for shareholders like himself. These statements can also be found on his website,” he added.

“The enhancement of the value of the shares is clearly a profit or gain to Rafizi. Crucially, nowhere does Rafizi state that the shares are held in trust for utilisation through public programmes or other initiatives that benefit the public.

“It is declared as his own assets, belonging to him and part of his personal wealth. He is not stated as the nominal owner. Rafizi is the absolute beneficial owner.”

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