Not going to happen, Umno man tells Muhyiddin on seats belonging to PN

A Sabah Barisan Nasional leader has shot down Muhyiddin Yassin’s assertion that seats won by Bersatu in the coming 15th general election (GE15) belong to Perikatan Nasional, saying such an arrangement would not happen.

(FMT) – Rahman Dahlan said this is because there is a pact that Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, the ruling coalition in the state, would work with BN, and the agreement would be set in stone after GE15.

The Umno Supreme Council member said BN has been consistent about rejecting any form of cooperation should GRS’ seats be categorised as Bersatu’s or PN’s, as declared by Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin is the PN chairman.

“I want to tell Muhyiddin and our friends in Bersatu that it (GRS seats belonging to PN) would not happen,” he said in an online interview last night.

On Oct 11, Muhyiddin was reported to have said that while Bersatu candidates would contest under the GRS banner, the seats won by PN candidates would belong to the coalition.

Rahman, who is also the Tuaran Umno chief, said he was also confident that ties between GRS and BN would not be affected by Muhyiddin’s statement as GRS was resolute in sticking with BN.

Rahman believes that GRS would stick with BN as GRS was pragmatic.

“This is because everyone knows that BN would reclaim Putrajaya,” he said.

But he conceded that there were divisional leaders who were uneasy with Umno’s alliance with GRS as many of the coalition’s leaders had defected from BN after the last general election.

Such a sentiment, he said, must be put aside as BN was aiming to win big in GE15 and form a stable government.