DYMM Sultan Selangor wants Malays to unite

(Bernama) – The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, today expressed his disappointment over outrageous comments among netizens on social media of late which included slander and spitefulness.

Sultan Sharafuddin said it was even more disappointing when the insulting words were supported by other netizens without due diligence and if not curbed and dealt with wisely, is feared to damage the thinking of the community, especially the younger generation.

“Of late, issues such as slander and fake news that are becoming more prevalent have caused tension among certain groups in our society.

“I don’t want problems like this to continue to spread, so much so it can affect the harmony of the people and the strength of unity in the long term,“ he said during the inauguration ceremony of the Raja Lumu Royal Mosque here yesterday.

In the meantime, the Sultan of Selangor also stressed that unity among Malays was very important and needed to be preserved for the sake of the next generation because a divided nation will only bring destruction to the country.

The Sultan called on all Malays to continue to close ranks, unite, forget all disputes and disagreements and start thinking about rising again to become a strong, dignified and purposeful community, for the sake of religion, nation and country.

“I want all my subjects to be able to live in my state in comfort, unity, harmony and enjoy the wealth of the state fairly and equitably,“ he said.

On the launch of the mosque today, the Sultan said he named the mosque in conjunction with Raja Lumu, who was also the first Sultan of Selangor known as Sultan Salehuddin Shah, who ruled from 1766 to 1782.

“This is very apt because according to historical records, Raja Lumu was installed as the Sultan of Selangor in Kuala Selangor and resided on Bukit Malawati which used to be known as Bukit Selangor,“ he said.

His Royal Highness also hoped that the presence of a new mosque with interesting architecture would attract more people to gather in worship, as well as for domestic and foreign tourists to come to Kuala Selangor.