‘This is not the right time for GE’

Some of the political party leaders do not agree if the 15th General Election (GE15) is held soon.

(Sinar Daily) – Besides wanting to give space to the country’s economic recovery process, they also thought that the government should focus on the possibility of a natural disaster that was expected to hit the country at the end of the year.

“So if GE15 is to be held after the budget presentation, we assume that the voting day is in early November.

“But the PM has also called a National Security Council (MKN) meeting regarding the floods. He himself knows the possible risk of major floods this year.

“What is the point of spending time discussing about the GE when the country and the people need to focus on the economic recovery and the 2023 Budget,” said the Pulai MP on Wednesday.

Ismail Sabri, who is also Umno vice president, on Tuesday said a meeting with Umno’s top five leaders to discuss the date of GE15 will be held in soon.

The Bera MP said the meeting might be held earlier before the presentation of the 2023 Budget which was scheduled for Oct 7.

PKR vice president Chang Lih Kang who agreed with Salahuddin said the economic recovery process and measures to deal with the possibility of major floods should be prioritised.

“When the country is about to face a flood disaster, I am confident that the act of dissolving Parliament will cause government agencies to be busy with GE preparations thus affecting the focus on aid distribution,” he said.

He was of the view that Parliament should be retained until the end of the term in 2023.

Meanwhile, Bukit Mertajam MP and DAP National Organisation secretary Steven Sim Chee Keong said Umno should think about dealing with the welfare of the people instead of saving those in power and the group known as the “court cluster”.

“DAP stated its position long ago. We are willing to put aside political differences to focus on the people’s issues,” he said.

Bersatu Supreme Council member Dr Muhammad Faiz Na’aman said the current situation in the country, especially the economic pressure, does not justify why GE15 should be held soon.

Looking at the history of GE implementation, he said, it was usually held when the economy was stable.

He said Bersatu leadership’s informal discussions also agreed for GE15 to be held next year.