Stop those involved in court cases from contesting in GE, PAS tells govt


The PAS Ulama wing has urged the government to amend the law to prohibit individuals being tried in court for misconduct and corruption from contesting in general elections.

(FMT) – Chief Ahmad Yahya said this would prevent those facing charges in court from using their position as elected representatives to later “avoid” prosecution.

“In this aspect, we hope court cases involving misconduct and corruption by politicians can be expedited,” he said at the 61st PAS muktamar at the Dewan Serbaguna Guar Chempedak in Yan today.

Ahmad also suggested that individuals who had issued statements that “threaten the country’s harmony” and who dispute the privileges enshrined in the Federal Constitution be disqualified from contesting in elections.

His proposals come following Dewan Rakyat’s unanimous passing of the historic anti-hopping bill on July 28.

The bill requires a two-thirds majority, or the support of at least 148 MPs, in the Dewan Rakyat to amend Article 10 (1) (c) of the Federal Constitution.

Ahmad also called on the government to enact political funding laws to prevent a culture of money politics.

He said the conditions for eligibility to contest in elections, whether at the state or parliamentary level, needed to be tightened.

“A candidate can be disqualified if found guilty of an offence that carries a punishment of imprisonment for one year or more and a fine of more than RM2,000, or if the person has declared loyalty to another country.

“These conditions are considered too loose and do not reflect the same stringent requirements required under the constitutional amendment for the anti-hopping law,” he said.