Pardon for Najib would make a mockery of judiciary, says MP

(FMT) – Getting jailed former prime minister Najib Razak a royal pardon would make a mockery of the judiciary, says Charles Santiago.

The Klang MP said as the country turns 65 in a few days, it was important that the rule of law was maintained.

“The one thing we can do for our country today, as we approach Merdeka Day is to ensure that no one is above the law and no one can hold this country to ransom,” he said in a statement.

He added that Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s call for Umno to start a petition drive for Najib’s royal pardon and to “weaponise” the latter’s Facebook posts was simply a matter of “playing to the gallery”.

“Najib’s case is not complicated. Zahid Hamidi is simply playing to the people’s gallery, especially those who don’t quite understand why the Federal Court disallowed admission of new evidence or adjournment.

“Also, is Zahid doing this only to free Najib? Nope. It’s to save his own skin as well,” Santiago said.

In an address to Umno members at a special briefing yesterday, Zahid said the party would be organising a petition drive to push for Najib’s royal pardon.

He added that all branch and division members would be instructed to participate to show their support for their former president who began his 12-year jail term last week.

He also said Najib’s Facebook posts would be compiled and published.

“The thought and spirit behind the words can be used as a weapon that Umno can deploy against our political enemies,” Zahid added.

To this, Santiago said Najib had manipulated social media to fool the people and Zahid was now doing the same.

“We, the people, need to wake up and fight back. Politicians call us ordinary people as opposed to Najib, who belongs to the privileged lot.

“So, let’s show how powerful we are as ‘One’ people,” he said, calling for the people to oppose those who are now using various tactics to free a convicted criminal.