Umno man hails Ismail’s brave decisions in first year as PM

(FMT) – An Umno leader, marking Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s first year as prime minister, has hailed Ismail for making brave decisions and introducing radical changes in politics.

Umno vice-president Khaled Nordin said it was not easy for the government to set aside almost RM80 billion for subsidies on various commodities and necessities.

The huge sum, almost one-third of national revenue, meant that many development projects had to be sacrificed, he said.

“At times, it is easy to be cynical towards our leaders. But we should not come to the point where we are no longer objective and rational,” he said in his tribute, posted on Facebook.

Khaled praised Ismail, a fellow Umno vice-president, for being brave in abolishing import permits (APs) for food “especially since the AP is perceived to be a curse that people avoid”.

He said Ismail had implemented many radical changes since taking office, including seeing through the anti-hopping bill. “This is an amazing achievement as he has done it in a year,” Khaled said.

The anti-hopping bill was one of the reforms demanded by Pakatan Harapan in return for keeping Ismail’s government in office. The bill was passed by Parliament last month and awaits royal assent before it becomes law.

Khaled said the public should also recognise Ismail’s commitment to declassifying a government investigation report on the troubled littoral combat ship programme to build six frigates for the navy.

The decision showed that Ismail was determined to resolve the matter in accordance with the law, he said.