“Slow action against denouncers of non-Muslim faiths cannot be accepted”

STILL studying on the case? But when it comes to Islam being insulted, it takes only 24 hours for the authorities to make an arrest, charge the culprits and put them behind bars.

(Focus Malaysia) – On Jan 15, we gathered at the Sentul District Police Headquarters to lodge our police reports against Ustaz Idris Sulaiman and so did many others in various places and states.

It has been 200 days now but the Attorney-General (AG) is still playing the lackadaisical attitude and delay game.

To re-cap, Idris has stated very clearly in his speech which was published in a Facebook page under “Ilmu Salaf Dot Com” by likening Hindu temples as house of Satan, and calling Hindus as followers and worshippers of Satan.

He levelled further insults on flooded temples by claiming that the Hindu Gods themselves were unable to protect or prevent flooding. He went on to compare Hindu temples with pub, discos, gambling dens and pigsty. Isn’t this seditious enough?

We have furnished ample supporting and sufficient evidences on the matter to the police yet the authorities which are supposed to uphold the law is applying double standards when it comes to non-Islamic religions. Obviously, the authorities seem to be protecting the Muslim preachers.

I have sent an official e-mail to the Special Task Force Unit under D5 or the Bukit Aman Classified Crime Investigation Unit (USJT) on June 20 requesting for an update and status of our police reports. But to-date, they have yet to respond to us.

Idris is not the only preacher (who undermines the faiths of non-Muslims). Many others similar to him such as Zamri Vinoth , Firdaus Wong and  Syakir Nasoha, to name a few, were left scot-free by the authorities. In Ustaz Syakir’s case, there were thousands of police reports lodged throughout the nation but the case has been classified as NFA (no further action).

This is a clear discrimination, double standards and violation towards the minorities and faiths of non-Islamic practitioners in Malaysia. It is a shame given Malaysia is part of the United Nation Human Rights Council yet practises such discrimination and double standards.

I would like to know what the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has to say about this since we have gathered and handed over a memorandum to JAKIM on Jan 26 with regard to the attacks and insults by Muslim preachers in the name of comparative religion.

This is especially so as JAKIM is ever so quick to issue statements pertaining to attacks against Islam or Prophet Muhammad. We have also gathered and handed over a memorandum at the Prime Minister’s office on Feb 16 but the Keluarga Malaysia Prime Minister seems to sit on the matter.

I don’t see any MPs from the current Government raising up this matter in the Parliament and neither did the so-called multiracial political parties.

I would like to refer to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin’s statement on July 17 in The Star whereby he was quoted as saying that “we will take action against those who not just insult Islam but any religion for the matter”.

Is the Home Minister going to keep his word on what he said or is this just another drama as usual?

There were never any statements from the National Unity Ministry either. Instead, the ministry regards the existing law as good enough to protect all races and religions in Malaysia, hence the tabling of the National Harmony Commission Bill in the Parliament was discontinued.

The Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) which is representing 62 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including those in Sabah and Sarawak is demanding for a Racial & Religious Hatred Bill to be tabled in the Parliament if indeed the Government is serious in preserving the unity, harmony and peace of all fellow Malaysians.

Shashi Kumar is president of the Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF), a Kuala Lumpur-based NGO fighting against racism, supremacist policies, religious persecution, double standard law enforcement, discrimination and oppression towards the minority groups.