Bersatu man defends religious minister’s remarks, says Bon Odori and Oktoberfest not part of Malaysian culture

Deputy National Unity Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal today said that the religious affairs minister’s advice to Muslims in the country to not attend the Bon Odori was not wrong.

(MMO) – “Cultural festivals such as Bon Odori and Oktoberfest are not actually indigenous. It’s not actually part of the culture of our society. The religious affairs minister (Datuk Idris Ahmad) has expressed his views, and I think we need to respect his views. We have not used any laws to restrict the freedom of any party to practice their culture.”

“I think what was said by the religious affairs minister, as a Muslim and an authority of religion, isn’t wrong,” Wan Ahmad said, in response to a question by Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng in Parliament today.

Lim posed a question to the ministry on their priorities. “What happens if PAS party members disrupt the activities of non-Muslims? Aren’t there more important matters to tend to such as bribery instead?” Lim asked.

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