How is the appointment of a DPM going to benefit voters?

Shaid Umar Syed Alwi, Malaysiakini

As a voter, I really don’t see any benefit at all to us or the nation as a whole in having a deputy prime minister at this point.

If only our politicians go to the ground, they would understand that a large number of the rakyat are greatly suffering and still reeling from the effects of Covid-19.

We have hardly even got on our feet when we are again hit by another Covid-19 wave, while our economy is still struggling.

Honestly, the last thing on our minds is the appointment of a DPM. Unless the new DPM possesses some kind of superpowers, we, the electorate do not see any rhyme or reason for the appointment.

For the man on the street, the fight to be DPM is nothing but a personal agenda for Azmin Ali (above), and similar to the court cluster, a bid to cover up their sins of the past.

I do not think any of the electorates want Azmin as our DPM.

At a crucial time like this what we want are ministers and politicians who can help the country and the rakyat pick up the pieces from the Covid-19 backlash.

We do not want another politician to come into power merely for his personal gains and to get himself off the hook for whatever he or she did in the past.

For us, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob is doing a good job and his efforts are being hampered by trouble-makers who should not be there in the first place.

These trouble-makers are merely rocking the boat for obvious reasons and we, the voters are really upset with this as we want Ismail Sabri to continue his work and help the nation back on its feet.

Bersatu is certainly in no position to be asking for a DPM’s position. We as voters are puzzled about what Bersatu has done for the country to actually demand this position.

What has he contributed to the nation?

Can anyone name me a single thing that Azmin has contributed to the nation?

More and more politicians are leaving Bersatu, while even ministers like Zuraida Kamaruddin have also moved on.

And the sad part is when a minister is actually working, it seems like the others do not really like it and want to bring that minister down.

A good example would be Zuraida. Why is Bersatu so keen on taking her ministership away? They should look at the greater picture and what she has actually achieved in her ministry.

If Zuraida has been successful in enhancing the country’s commodity exports, opening new markets and carrying out her work effectively, then there is no reason for her to step down.

Instead, Bersatu should look into their own backyard and get rid of some of the deadwood there.

The next GE is surely going to be a very interesting one and it is time the voters come together and reject all non-performing politicians and those with court cases and other negative baggage attached.

Malaysia is a great nation and it is time we had a clean, fair government for the future of our children.