‘Strange’ that Hadi didn’t know about Ismail-PN pact, says analyst

Something “strange” is happening in PAS following its secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan’s revelation that he was among those who drafted an agreement between Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Ismail Sabri Yaakob to appoint a deputy prime minister.

(FMT) – Speaking to FMT, political analyst Azmi Hassan of Akademi Nusantara questioned how this alleged agreement was signed without the knowledge of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, whose party is a key component of PN.

“It is strange that the PAS president was not aware of such an important document,” he said.

“Discussions on the appointment of Cabinet members should be known to the party president because the composition of the Cabinet will reflect the strength of each party in the federal government.”

Azmi Hassan.

Azmi also described Muhyiddin Yassin as a “cunning leader” who was able to “control the government” through Ismail via the agreement between the prime minister and PN.

He said the agreement also showed that Ismail was able to take over the prime minister’s post because of Bersatu’s support.

“So it is not surprising that this agreement exists,” he said.

He was commenting on Takiyuddin’s revelation that he was one of the key individuals who drafted an agreement between PN and Ismail in August 2021, with one of the key points being the provision of a deputy prime minister’s post to be filled at Bersatu’s discretion.

Takiyuddin told Berita Harian he drafted the “memorandum of agreement” as he was the law minister at the time.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Bersatu president, had previously asked Hadi to refer to his secretary-general after the PAS president claimed that there was no agreement between PN and Ismail regarding the appointment of a deputy prime minister.

Apart from the post of deputy prime minister, the agreement, which was allegedly signed before Ismail became the prime minister, touched on the number of Cabinet posts and the dissolution of Parliament.

Azmi said although Takiyuddin seemed to have gone behind Hadi’s back in drafting the agreement, he did not think PAS should take any disciplinary action.

He said this was because Bersatu’s push for the deputy prime minister’s post proved that they were “greedy” for positions.

“PAS can use this issue to attack Bersatu,” he said. “If PAS wants to get back at Bersatu, there is no need to take action against Takiyuddin because this is the biggest opportunity they have to paint Bersatu in a bad light.”